Bethlehem Fair Results


by David Roelofs 9/10/17

Winner-1I entered my three portraits into the Bethlehem Fair this past weekend.  After my sweeping success last weekend at Goshen, I was pretty confident of this week’s results.  Read about it (here).

Paris Street Pilot got the Best of Show this time, and a surprising People’s Choice Award.  Migrant Mother got another blue ribbon, while Braveheart received a second place.  This one got a blue ribbon last week, which just goes to show how different judges have different tastes.  It also depends on a different group of entries from one fair to another.














Well, I’ve got one more fair that I’m entering this year.  That will be the Harwinton Fair in Harwinton, Connecticut.  This happens in the beginning of October.  I’ll probably enter the same three pictures, however, I’m just finishing up a portrait of a “Grumpy Little Kid”; perhaps I’ll enter him just to see what happens.  Look for a post on this new portrait in the next few days.  Please follow this blog to receive notifications of future postings.

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